Wedding planning has proved harder than I imagined, but oh so much fun! One of the hardest things to do so far was to choose my Bridal Party, and even harder a Maid of Honor. With so many great friends, how does a girl choose? After reading many articles on Pinterest and good old Google… I still couldn’t decide. Though I did like a few things I read in some of the articles:

Don’t worry so much about hurting people’s feelings; this is your big day. That was probably one of my biggest fears. I love all my friends so much and the closest ones have played the best roles in different areas of my life. I have so many happy memories. If I could have 50 bridesmaids, I probably would. Wait can I? 😆

Be realistic! Choose someone that will have time to help you. I really didn’t think of this as something to consider (I’ve never planned a wedding ok, don’t judge me) but realized how important this is, especially when choosing a Maid of Honor as her role comes with many responsibilities. I do need so much help and with my personality, knew I would need someone I could trust to make decisions without my input. Well, with just a little input. 😉

Each person ran through my mind over and over AND over again. Then I stopped and prayed about it and well, talking to God is so much better than mind battles. Future brides, there’s no one answer, pray about it! Now… can a girl brag on her friends a little?! I’m so happy to have these awesome ladies in our wedding!

Catherine Grace – The little sister I always wanted! I was so blessed to join the Smith Family (what a coincidence?) during my time at Leaders Academy. Along that journey, Catherine Grace had asked me to “always be her sister.” I kept the promise and on graduation day declared in my speech, “You will always be my little sister.” Well, a part of sisterly duties is joining in on big sis’ special moments. She is the cutest and sweetest little 10 year old girl and I love that she gets to be my Junior Bridesmaid!

De Shanne – Where do I start! She has definitely been the person who has been around the longest. All my childhood (and crazy) memories and many of my “grown-up ones” involve her. I won’t mention those memories; our parents can’t ever know! 😁 I’ve probably had the most fun with this girl, so many summers, sleepovers, creek days… oh the creek days! She has also brought the sweetest little joy to my life, my favorite little cousin “Khalid.” (Sorry you’re not my favorite anymore Dish.)

Elizabeth – Could you believe we met online! Something about those online relationships: 😂 Elizabeth was my roommate at Leaders Academy and during our 9 months there, we built such a great friendship! I remember praying with her during roommate prayer about our future. She once said to me, “You will be in a relationship right after we graduate.” Of course my response was, nah… but I won’t go into that. She was right though and I’m so happy to have her as one of my beautiful bridesmaids.

Jeanelle – You know that one best friend everyone meets in high school? Jen was that girl and I’m so glad we are still the best of friends today! Of course, the term best friend really has meaning now. Gone are the little immature days and some of our crazy plans. We have shared many “teenage” life moments and sidewalk stories I can’t wait to tell our kids! 😉 She’s probably one of the persons who knows me the best and I have really cherished our friendship. I’m so excited about the next phase of our “adult” lives!

Verlie – Where do I even begin with Verlie? She has been quite the handful. She has been a pain, headache… I don’t even know how we are friends, just kidding Verlz.😜 Our friendship is definitely a God thing. She has been that prayer warrior in my life who has helped me make some of the toughest but best decisions. I seriously would not be the me I am today without her with me on this journey. I’m so happy to have her join us on our special day as my Maid of Honor! We have planned so many events together, even from different countries, and I’m sure she will add so much to our wedding!

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life! ❤️‍  

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