karma-ligers-are-realWe recently visited the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and wow! Did you know ligers actually exist? I felt a bit dumb for a second but then everyone else around me had the same thought so… haha. Even my website edit tool is telling me it is not a word. Apparently, ligers are a cross between a male lion and a female tiger (see ligers here). Then there are also what are called tigons, which are a cross between a female lion and male tiger. These animals don’t natural mate but are completely man-made. As a result they suffer many genetic disorders and die at a young age. So after being so excited to find out that ligers are real, I was even more saddened by all the disorders they face. As cool as they are, they should not exist.

Cool Fact: The tigers at Turpentine are “Obsessed” with Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men. The staff use different methods to keep the confined areas feeling like new, including new toys, but Calvin Klein proves to be their favorite thing. Calvin, maybe you should donate a few bottles? 

Fun Photo: We also ran across this deer on our exit from the refuge. She was casually strolling across the parking lot. deer-turpentine