Belizeans have just about seen and heard it all when it comes to youth camps. But… it is time for us to actually put into practice what we have seen and heard. District Youth Leadership Camp is geared towards seeing young people rise to their full potential. We are looking for youth who stand out among their peers or who just need that extra push to get there. District will challenge youth to develop leadership, fuel decision-making, enhance creativity, and promote teamwork. We have some very influential Christian leaders and speakers in Belize who have become popular and done well among the youth. We want to bring youth attending to that place where they can transition into these roles. Young people have been preached the message “Be a Leader” and at District, we create the environment for you to do just that!

The goal is to see leaders develop a real love for others, then use biblical thinking to bring change. We want to challenge them spiritually, mentally, academically, and physically while providing an environment to have fun, create lasting relationships, and grow closer to God. 

This camp is being introduced to Belize from Arkansas, USA where it has been challenging young people for over 10 years and has received countless stories of young people returning home with a new vision. Our vision for youth at District is to see them grow into all that God has meant for their lives. We live in a culture where laziness, low-self esteem, and a “me, me, me” mentally hinders the great things we can do. These youth are the ones to change that. We want them to work for the things that matter and have more than enough to bless others. We want to see them rise above the situations they were born into. We want to see them become team players, supportive of others. Will this youth be another statistic on the news or will he/she change the statistic for generations to come?

Be someone who changes the statistic, nominate a youth today for a powerful experience!

+ Youth must be between the ages of 15 – 19
+ We are looking for mature people who will do something with what they learn
+ Youth must be free to attend camp from Wednesday, July 19 (3 pm) to Sunday, July 23 (11 am)
+ The camp will be held in Ontario Village, Cayo District

+ The camp features local and international young speakers, showing youth that young people lead
+ Should your nomination be successful, we invite you to join us Sunday at 9:30 am to listen as youth share their growth during their short time at camp

Nomination DEADLINE is June 19, 2017 / 6:00 PM.

You must be willing to invest in the youth you are nominating. The cost to attend this camp in the US is $700. You pay $50 to send a future leader to camp. This includes all meals, accommodation, and resources. In just 5 days, youth will have 16 hours of knowledge poured into them and 10 hours of practical learning experiences. This is not your average summer camp! This is an experience that will change someone’s life forever!


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