Steven Sexton & Family Launch THE HOUSE in Rogers, Arkansas

steven-sexton-in-belizeI met Steven Sexton in September 2012. He came to Belize with his Be The One Ministries Team to host a Be The One Youth Conference. My friend and I had been preparing for his arrival for months, making sure every detail of the conference was “perfect.” She would warn me about Steven and I kept thinking, “He can’t be that bad.” Well boy was I in for a surprise. If you know Steven, CAN I GET AN AMEN?! Steven invited me to attend Leaders Academy, but after getting to work with him you could imagine my gut response was “Nope!” Turns out, I did attend Leaders Academy the following year (and loved every minute of it!) and got to work with Steven in many occasions; and well, you can’t help but love the guy. 😀

Steven and his family recently moved to Rogers, Arkansas to launch “The House,” a church built on the foundation of Psalm 92:13. I, along with many others, will travel to Rogers to support Steven and his family in this new stage. As I thought about this new stage, I looked back at the photos from the conference in Belize. While browsing, I came across the first design I had created for him. Then I looked at some of the more recent designs; it was great to see how my talent had developed.

Steven was one of the toughest people to design for and our conversations often went like this:

Steven: “Hey D, I need this done.”
Deidra: “Sure! Do you have an idea in mind?”
Steven: “No, just come up with something.”
Deidra: “Ok great!”

Then I would spend hours thinking of a design and when I thought it was great, I would send to Steven and he would say: “I don’t like it, what I was thinking was more like…” I would breathe and move on to start on that idea he never had. While Steven was hard to work with at times, those many “Nos” have helped to improve my talent; it could always be better. Below are a few pieces I’ve designed for Steven, Be The One Ministries and The House. I’m so excited to see all the Sexton’s will do in Rogers as they continue to submit to the will of God.


Left – 2012: First Flyer Design for Steven / Right – 2015: Last Flyer Design for Steven


Be The One Conference 2014 Texarkana, 2014 Fayetteville, 2016 Texarkana


Be The One Men’s Missions to Belize 2014 & 2015


Be The One Ministries DVDs


Bring Steven to your Church (you really should!)


Be The One Ministries The 31 Campaign


Be The One Ministries Outreach

The House

First Design for The House – Did you get one of these magnets?

The House

Social Media Graphics for The House

The House

The House Business Cards

The House

It’s always cool to see my designs come to life – Standing Banners

The House

The House Countdown to The Launch on February 14, 2016

The House

The House Banner Sign

The House

See you in The House on Sunday, February 14, 2016